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Unite for HER is a nonprofit that provides wellness initiatives to support breast cancer patients through their recovery. I designed and developed a custom WordPress theme for them. With the redesign I aimed to add energy to the organization and not rely so heavily to pink to define a breast cancer related nonprofit.

The new WordPress site includes their previous WordPress blog, plus makes all pages editable and allows them to manage their event calendar.

Unite for HER switched to Stripe for payment processing and I integrated it along with Give so that they could now accept donations straight through their website. In addition, they use Stripe for ticket sales to events.

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Work created while at DesignDesign

Design of Unite for HER homepage, highlighting design elements in the header area and callout links. Design of Unite for HER donation page showing the header intro and payment processing form. Design of Unite for HER website displaying responsive design of interior content pages by mocking them up in a desktop and mobile browser.